10 June 17 Umbrella Arts Festival



TALKY TENTUmbrella Arts Festival 10 June 17 poster

Ideas, drama and discussion

Delve into the talky tent for stirring and inspirational performances and talks, exploring different people’s experiences of the world through the lens of health, wellbeing and art. Our programme brings together inspirational members of Southampton’s community, alongside leading artists, poets and writers from elsewhere. All brought to you by Artful Scribe and Dangerous Ideas Southampton.

Come and go as you please, it’s free to attend. Due to the powerful and real-life nature of the subject matter, some performances are less suitable for children.

11am              Welcome!

Creative Southampton – Southampton people sharing news of creative initiatives that encourage better health, wellbeing and conversation about the issues that face us.

11.45pm        ‘Solipsism & the &’ – Carrie Carrie performs an extract from this show exploring themes of autism, communication and language.

12pm             Til Debt Us Do Part – A humorous exploration of debt through poetry, personal stories and actual research, as award-winning poet Tina Sederholm gets real about money.

1.15pm         Southampton In ConversationCatherine Wright explores stories of community participation, local history and public art in an interview with heritage coordinator Michaela Lawler-Levene and artist Anna Vickers.

2.30pm         Games with the Water Horse by Jon Adams. At its heart, it is an exploration of consciousness, life story, art forms, and neuro-diverse thinking. Games with the Water Horse is a piece that performance artist Jon Adams has learnt as a memory journey. Set to take place in two parts Jon will interact with the audience—telling a condensed, ’60 minutes’ of his and others interwoven lives. Jon Adams is an Associate Artist for the New Theatre Royal’s Creative Lab programme and a Creative Ambassador for the National Autistic Society. Not recommended for under 14s.

3.45pm         Issa Farrah – Southampton poet sharing his own take on the world.

4.00pm         Spillage – When the demands of work conflict with suppressed human needs, the results can only be messy. Spillage shows one man’s tragic-comic attempt to hold things together.
 Written/performed by Stewart Taylor. Directed by Anna Carr.

5.00pm         Our tent closes for the day!