Future of DangeroUS Ideas

On 14 September 2017, we held an evening of reflection and celebration of our activity over the last three years, and heard the results of an independent evaluation of our events. Read our blog here.

The coordination and funding of Dangerous Ideas – Southampton has changed. With that in mind and taking into account the findings from our recent evaluation, we met together on 10 Oct 2017 at The Art House, with a workshop aimed at people who want to steer the direction or support the future of Dangerous Ideas. 

Since then a group of came together to plan events for International Women’s Day 2018. We held a celebration at October Books in November 2018, to mark the way grassroots change has developed over the years and celebrate the particular activity that has been happening recently with October Books and its relocation.

We are now merging with The Southampton Collective CIC, as our aims and objectives are so similar. We will hold a series of events during 2019 including the ever popular International Women’s Day events in partnership this year with Vie-ness.

You can also join our mailing list, to keep updated on the future. Or get in touch to join our collective group.

Contact rebecca[at]socollective.org.uk or call 07968 777261 and say you want to be added to the mailing list, so you can receive email updates on the various activity.