9 September: Seeking Creative Talent!

After having a little break for the summer, we are delighted to be hosting an evening with Brian J Hracs from the University of Southampton on 9 September at 7.30pm.

Brian will be talking about creativity in cities and asking whether bigger is always better. He will help us explore how Southampton can develop the right conditions to retain homegrown creative talent and attract new talent from further afield. You can order your tickets via Eventbrite. We’ll be setting up a Facebook event page soon, so watch this space or Like Dangerous Ideas and we’ll keep you informed.

DIS10_TALENT 1a (lo-res for online)


One thought on “9 September: Seeking Creative Talent!

  1. Well’done for this. i used to live in Southampton and had thé same feeling like you about how to find a way to interest more people in art and culture in thé city and how to value or retain local artists. At that time (10 years ago) we tried to act in order to emulate people in that way by organising events with local artists in thé few free arty places having à real’soul in thé city such as ”Thé Psychic Café”, Péter Rhodes Bookshop or The Art House (the one in Bedford place created by Paul Malec). Since then some of those places changed or closed down but in thé meantime, thé Art centre has been created, Victor Hugo Boulangerie has open, and people like you are maintaining thé flame to convince people to believe in their artistic skills and produce their creations in thé city instead of running away. Southampton has an important historic past and deserves à better considération in terms of culture, there is no doubt about this. FV.

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