A dead good week for the green revolution

Dangerous Ideas logo - smallA quick post about the week.

On Bank Holiday Monday 5th May it’s Southampton’s Environmental Rock and there’s good radio too. Radio 4 is marking its annual Food and Farming Awards and there’s a programme about protest songs on 6Music at noon called Revolution Radio.

On Wednesday 7th May at 7.30pm at the Art House in Southampton we’ve got our first Dangerous Ideas event Food Chain Reaction. Contact us to be included on the mailing list for future events, or give us a call as we’d love you to be actively involved in our journey.

And then, on Saturday 10th May there’s a Dead Good Day Out at the St Andrews United Reform Church on the Avenue in Southampton. It’s a multi-faceted event, covering many aspects of Death and Dying.  A welcoming day for all of the community, including families, health professionals, a diversity of faiths – an engaging, colourful, reflective and creative day with music, poetry, paintings, funeral planning, food, lectures, discussion groups, talks, coffin painting, Will making, sugar skulls decorating and more!



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