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2016 New Year, new events

Happy New Year! Here at Dangerous Ideas Southampton we are gearing up again for another year of events and activities to support discussion about our city, with the key themes of fairness, sustainability and creativity.

22 Jan 16: Climate Conversations continue

The next event linked to last November and December’s Climate Change Conversations is being held on 22 Jan. The University of Southampton’s Researchers’ Cafe is running Part II of its climate change themed research evening, Mettricks Old Town cafe 6.30-8.30pm. Here are the links to the Researchers’ Cafe website and  Facebook event page.

Topics confirmed so far:
– What planet are we living on? with Dr James Dyke. On the impacts people have on the planet and why it matters to us in the UK
– Sustainable transport with Megan Streb (details tbc)
– Outcome of the Paris Conference and so what? (details tbc)
Run by Dr Tony Curran (University of Southampton) and supported by Dangerous Ideas Southampton, Transition Southampton and Sustrans. Researchers’ Café events are informal – you can grab a drink and a seat and just listen or get involved in the discussions.Mettricks is a well-loved cafe selling tasty food and drinks (including alcohol).Summary of Preceding events:

26 Jan 16: An evening with Paul and Kate Maple: Film, web and community action

How can community activists can use websites and filmmaking to share their messages and reach out to wider audiences?

On Tues 26 Jan at 7.30pm we will be visiting the Roundabout Cafe in Mansbridge for the first time. We are delighted that Paul and Kate Maple will be leading an informal discussion with us about the role of filmmaking and websites in community action. The event starts at 7.30pm and is free to attend, just turn up. Coffee and tea will be available, or you can bring along a bottle of something stonger if you wish.

This event has been organised following November’s Southampton Climate Change Conversations evening with James Dyke at the University of Southampton. It is apparent that whilst there is lots of interesting, pioneering and valuable community activity happening in the city and beyond, more could be done to spread the news of the various community projects that are happening. Paul and Kate Maple are behind Global Documentary, which makes film and runs events focussed on positive change. This informal evening will be a chance to chat and share ideas about the role of film and websites in community action, and learn some tips about how it can be done effectively.

23 Feb 16: Own and control the future

Are coops still relevant? The cooperative movement, its roots in radical politics and role in 21st Century Southampton.

A talk and discussion with Nathan Brown from Cooperantics

Part of the Solent Social Enterprise Week

Tues 23 Feb // 7.30pm // The Art House Cafe, 178 Above Bar Street, Southampton, SO14 7DW

Free to attend. Spaces allocated on a first come first served basis.

You can tell us you are planning to attend by emailing or joining our Facebook event page.

Nathan Brown is based in Southampton and is part of Cooperantics, a cooperative support business which offers a range of services to promote cooperative principles and help make co-ops a success. He has been working in the co-operative development sector for over 15 years. His hands on experience as a co-op member includes management roles in a Housing Co-operative, Credit Union, Worker Co-operative, Consortium Co-operative and Multi-Stakeholder Co-operative in addition to participating in various informal music, housing and food collectives since he was a teenager.

Nathan says: “I believe that co-operation is a natural choice for anyone with a bone of social justice or humanity in their body.  As children, on our estate we even formed a sweet buying group with its own street stall (less Rochdale Pioneers and more Bash Street Kids) but that’s another story!  The simple, effective, technology of co-operatives can be easily de-railed by competitive behaviours that are nurtured by society – focusing on what makes us different rather than what we hold in common. Cooperantics aims to help people get back on the rails and make their co-op a success.”

16 March 2016: Possible event about Food Poverty in Southampton

We are exploring the possibility of holding an event on the topic of food poverty. Get in touch if you have any thoughts or would like to get involved. Rebecca Kinge 07968 777261



Deep breath, it’s December

November was a busy month as we put our (renewable) energies into talking about climate change and trying to crank up the discussion about Southampton’s response to global warming.

We held a successful event on 27 November in partnership with James Dyke from the University of Southampton, which started the conversation going and will lead to much more. We were grateful to Jenny Barnes for giving Dangerous Ideas Southampton (or Rebecca at least) a chance to speak at the climate demonstration in Guildhall Square on Sunday on behalf of our Dangerous Ideas network. There was also a Researchers’ Cafe on Friday 4 December at Mettricks Old Town which focused on energy and climate issues. Part 2 is being planned for Jan 2016.

Keep track of what has happened and the plans in the pipeline via the new collaborative website You can also email, join the Climate Change mailing list or keep track via our joint Facebook group.

We don’t have events planned for December, but we are keeping an eye on progress with the Council’s consultation around Public Space Protection Orders, which in the first instance are being proposed as a way of tackling street drinking and begging. These PSPOs are very controversial and we advise people to find out more about them, we are doing our own research and will share this with you at a later date. Bitterne Park Info has once again shown itself to be backing public interest and discussion in important issues and has written this article, which gives information about the pros and cons of the proposals.

We are looking forward to January, when we hope to have an evening with Global Documentary filmmaker Paul Maple. Watch this space, send us your email or subscribe to our Facebook events.


Climate change: November events

In the lead up to the United Nations summit on climate change (COP21) starting at the end of November, we have a series of events happening in Southampton. If climate change is to be addressed, this means actions happening at the local level. The ‘business as usual’ approach is not sustainable.

Friday 27th November at 6pm, will see an event hosted by the University of Southampton at Highfield campus. James Dyke will be leading discussion and speakers include Alan Whitehead MP and local filmmaker Paul Maple will be screening his new film the Environmental Litmus Test. Local community organisations involved in actions to combat climate change will be involved. If you wish to be part of this event, please email More details here.

Sunday 29th November at 1pm, Southampton will have its largest ever Climate Change demonstration organised by the people for the people. You can join the Facebook event or sign up via

Earlier on in the month, we also hosted a The Wisdom to Survive film night, watching this powerful film about how we respond to climate change. If you are interested in climate change films, you may also wish to visit the Ethical Film Club on 28th November at 2pm in Brockenhurst for their screening of The Future of Energy.

Please join in the local movement for global change. Contact us if you have other ideas or know of other events that we ought to be promoting here too. Feel free to tweet to us @ideas_soton or with hashtag #sotonclimate






What sort of city should Southampton be?

An evening of discussion

Tuesday 6 October 7.30pm at the new Tiger Yard, 112 East Street, Southampton SO14 3HD

What do you think the city should look like in 20 years time? How can development in the city respond to local needs and wishes? This joint event between Dangerous Ideas Southampton and Transition Southampton is a chance for those of us in the local community to share our views with each other.

Could we come up with our own “people’s plan”? The consensus views that come through during this evening will be gathered together and used to frame our response to the “Southampton: City of Opportunity Local Plan”, an issues and options paper is out for consultation until Friday 16 October. For too long, people in the city have felt disconnected with the decisions being made for the city. But if we don’t take the chance to have our say, the decision-makers will never know what we really want for this city. You are encouraged to submit your own personal responses too.

If you would like to come along, email or tel 07968 777261


9 September: Seeking Creative Talent!

After having a little break for the summer, we are delighted to be hosting an evening with Brian J Hracs from the University of Southampton on 9 September at 7.30pm.

Brian will be talking about creativity in cities and asking whether bigger is always better. He will help us explore how Southampton can develop the right conditions to retain homegrown creative talent and attract new talent from further afield. You can order your tickets via Eventbrite. We’ll be setting up a Facebook event page soon, so watch this space or Like Dangerous Ideas and we’ll keep you informed.

DIS10_TALENT 1a (lo-res for online)


June events

Wed 10 June 7pm: Mapping Real Treasure at The Art House. How can maps highlight hidden gems, strengthen communities and encourage social change? We will hear examples from within our own community and so please contact us in advance if you are involved in creating beautiful or useful maps. This is a joint event with Maptime Southampton. More details here.

DIS10_MAPS 1a (lo-res for online)

LiberTea @ Southampton’ Speakers Corner on Sunday 14 June at 3pm in Hoglands Park opposite Debenhams

It is the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, so we are having an afternoon sharing picnic as part of the national LiberTea events.

This is a very informal event where we can gather together, share food, celebrate, debate and reflect upon our freedom and rights. Attendees are encouraged to bring food to share, plus perhaps a poem or a football, a craft activity or an idea to talk about. This is not organised as such – it will be a mish mash of whatever people choose to contribute on the day.

Everybody welcome – just turn up. This will be a family friendly event.

Other events that may interest you are shared via Facebook and Twitter, including October Books’ walk and talk with architectural critic Owen Hatherley on 6 June at 5.45pm, and a series of events over the weekend of 13/14 June including the screening of Bikes vs Cars at The Art House (Friday 12th), and the Ethical Film Club’s screening of Bag It in Brockenhurst (Saturday 13th).

Wed 17 June: Mass climate change lobby in Westminster We’ve been working with Transition Southampton holding ‘Climate Cafe Conversations’ as part of the Speak Up for the Love of… campaign. We are collecting feedback from people about climate change issues, which we can then take to Southampton MPs as part of the 17 June mass lobby in Westminster. We are also hoping to have other climate conversations at other community events and encourage others to do so too. You can join this conversation online through this Facebook event page. Or email us your thoughts and we’ll add them to our  collaborative book.

Watch this space for more details or ask to be added to our email list by contacting rebecca[at]



Previous events

We were involved with a workshop at the University of Southampton’s TEDx event on Sat 25 April “Right Here, Right Now”. It was a fascinating day with a series of Tedx talks on issues affecting our lives at the Nuffield theatre. More details are here:

We also welcomed Emily Reid from the University of Southampton to talk to us about the European Union, its purpose, power and rights. This event was held on 6 May at 7.30pm. More details here.

We  held a Change Making workshop for activists involved in social change for those involved in activism Thursday 12 March during the daytime. On Tuesday 17 March, we hosted a talk and discussion with Professor Nicky Marsh “Money, Meaning and Metaphors“.  This is part of a series of events in Southampton around International Women’s Day organised by CAKE.

On 25 March, when we found out about the History of Land and Housing Rights and Protest Folk Song and Story at Southampton Sport Centre’s The View bar. This was a thought-provoking and noisy night which will make us think about the role of music and storytelling in social change. 

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Do contact Rebecca about these events, or indeed anything else, rebecca[at] Tel 07968 777261


Ideas into Action

Dangerous Ideas in Southampton is all about getting people together to talk about a better future – looking at ways of becoming fairer, more sustainable and enjoying a vibrant city. Our events began earlier in 2014 and now we are hearing of more and more actions that are being taken forward by community-minded individuals and groups. We’ve created a new webpage dedicated to Ideas into Action to tell you about these. We also share events and activities organised by others that we think Dangerous Ideas people will be interested in via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Send an email to rebecca[at] for more information or to join the conversation.



Money talks

We gathered together on 1 October and we talked about how money can work in the interests of communities. Lots of exciting conservations followed along the lines of “yes let’s set up a Southampton Pound”, “we need to do something about the big banks” and ” let’s keep this momentum going”.  A huge thank you to our hosts Solent Showcase Gallery and all the participants including Bernard Carre (our chair) Frank from Positive Money and Graham from Bristol Pound. It was good to hear from local financial initiatives including Dominic Williams from Frontline Debt Advice, John Merritt from Solent Credit Union,  Alex Templeton involved in the future Hampshire Community Bank, Bernard Carre who is part of the Tax Justice Network, local economics bloggerJoe Hudson, shared economy guru Cara Sandys and Local Exchange Trading Systems enthusiast Angela Cotton. Money pic

Since that event, a group of local people are exploring the potential for the Southampton are to have its own currency – called SoCoin. If you want to be part of the group that is developing this currency idea, you can join the group email list by subscribing here.  You can keep updated on a wealth of news all about new approaches to money and other dangerous ideas via our Facebook page and a group dedicated to Positive Pounds has also been set up to keep that conversation flowing. And you can send you email address to rebecca [at] and you’ll then receive regular (but not too frequent) updates on what Dangerous Ideas is up to and how you can be part of it.




Ethical money

We’ve set the scene for our event asking How Sound is Your Pound? by holding a couple of films. So come along to Solent Showcase Gallery at 6.30pm on Wednesday 1 October. We’re delighted that Positive Money and Bristol Pound will be sharing their thoughts for a better approach to money, plus a whole host of Southampton-based people and organisations that are doing some interesting work in the city around financial equality and a different approach to money. Do come, and let us know your plans to attend so we have enough drinks for you!