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Food Chain Reaction

Here’s the report of our first event in May, when we reconnected with local food and found out about a host of amazing food projects in Southampton. Food Chain Reaction – Southampton report.

Of course there’s more stories to tell and more ideas to share. We are looking at ways for ideas to lead to action, so what could we do in Southampton to make a stronger connection with local food? Let’s keep the discussion and collaboration going through our Facebook page, Twitter and most importantly in person. Next stop the Sharing Picnic on 2 July from 4.30pm in Palmerston Park. Hope to see you there!

Putting it all down on the map

Putting it all down on the map



Another dangerous week

This week, 9th – 14th June, is another week packed with activity from our dangerous friends here in Southampton. From bug eating, to tax avoidance, to inspiring our creative minds, and planning for a more sustainable future, there’s a mix of things to get you thinking.

The Bug Shack is giving a talk on Monday 9th June about entomophagy (edible insects) as part of the Cafe Scientific series at the South Western Arms, Southampton. This is followed by a pop-up shop on Wednesday where you can buy something different for your lunch. The Bug Shack has been working in conjunction with Southampton University Career Destinations to set up the first ever pop-up shop on campus (on the concourse, near Uni Fruit). Insects are high in protein and other nutrients but are far more sustainable than traditional types of meat. Visit the stall to learn a little bit more about why insects might be part of our regular diet in the near future.

On Thursday 12th June, there is another screening of the powerful and inspiring film UK Gold all about the huge issue of tax avoidance. We last saw this at the Art House in March, and the conversation that flowed about what we can do in response was reported here on the website. Furthermore, it has encouraged us to explore Money in more detail in the Autumn. Watch this space or contact us to be kept updated on this event or let us know your thoughts.

On Friday 13th June, Embercombe is in the New Forest and you’re invited for a picnic! Suitable for anyone that cares about a sustainable world, Tim Mac MacCartney, the founder of Embercombe, inspired us at March’s Embrace the Change event. Now his colleagues are bringing a piece of Embercombe to our doorstep for an evening of food and open hearts.

We were very disappointed that this month’s Ejector Seat festival in Southampton has had to be cancelled, and saddened for all the organisers and participants who have spent their time and energy preparing. But our friends at Element Arts will still be entertaining us with Bottom’s Dream on the 14th June at 4pm in Palmerston Park. Other activities may take place during the day, so keep updated via  their Facebook page. There’s also an Open Day at Highbridge Community Farm, we heard about this farm at our local food event in May and it will be a good opportunity to pop along and find out more.

And a quick mention for Transition Southampton’s AGM on Tuesday 17th June.  Transition Southampton has been a wonderful supporter of Dangerous Ideas since we started our event programme earlier this year, indeed many of the ideas we have been discussing come from the heart of the transition movement. So pop along and help celebrate the previous year and look forward to more in the future.

Other events coming soon from our friends within Southampton are reported via our Dangerous Ideas Facebook page. Our own next event is out Summer Sharing Picnic, which is taking place on Wed 2 July 2014 from 4.30pm. We’ll be there for a few hours so pop in and join us. Inspired by our love of the Sharing Economy, we’re asking you to bring something to share – food, ideas, something practical or fun. Hope to see you there! Tell us you are coming if you can by emailing us, or joining our Facebook event page.

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