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How we in Southampton respond to climate change and environmental challenges

Money talks

We gathered together on 1 October and we talked about how money can work in the interests of communities. Lots of exciting conservations followed along the lines of “yes let’s set up a Southampton Pound”, “we need to do something about the big banks” and ” let’s keep this momentum going”.  A huge thank you to our hosts Solent Showcase Gallery and all the participants including Bernard Carre (our chair) Frank from Positive Money and Graham from Bristol Pound. It was good to hear from local financial initiatives including Dominic Williams from Frontline Debt Advice, John Merritt from Solent Credit Union,  Alex Templeton involved in the future Hampshire Community Bank, Bernard Carre who is part of the Tax Justice Network, local economics bloggerJoe Hudson, shared economy guru Cara Sandys and Local Exchange Trading Systems enthusiast Angela Cotton. Money pic

Since that event, a group of local people are exploring the potential for the Southampton are to have its own currency – called SoCoin. If you want to be part of the group that is developing this currency idea, you can join the group email list by subscribing here.  You can keep updated on a wealth of news all about new approaches to money and other dangerous ideas via our Facebook page and a group dedicated to Positive Pounds has also been set up to keep that conversation flowing. And you can send you email address to rebecca [at] and you’ll then receive regular (but not too frequent) updates on what Dangerous Ideas is up to and how you can be part of it.




Let’s talk about money

Through our events, you have told us that you want to see a more local approach to money. Where the pounds that we spend are kept within the city and not leaking out to tax havens, where money is used to reduce inequalities and provide more opportunities for all. And importantly, you don’t want to spend for the sake of spending, or create mountains of waste in the process.


Our response? A season about Money starting on 3rd September. When we say season, we mean two film screenings and a bigger event on 1 October where we can be inspired by others and learn from each other. So CLICK HERE for more information about our money events.

And we’ve also got Social Saturday coming up on 13 September. If you believe that spending should be directed at those businesses whose profits are reinvested back into communities, find out more through Social Enterprise UK’s Social Saturday website or come along to our Facebook event page where we can all share info about our favourite Southampton social enterprises.



The picnic’s over, but the conversation is warming up

If we ever thought sharing a picnic was a frivolous thing to do, we’re now thinking differently. Last week’s social picnic on 2 July was indeed fun and combined yoga with football, craft making with cous cous, and a ladder up a tree with a human fibonacci spiral on the ground. We had a pedal powered sound system and many of us stayed until dusk. But beyond all the enjoyment, was a really strong theme of sharing ideas and plans for a fairer and better Southampton and world. It’s so exciting to hear a number of ideas that are bubbling away, progressing from “if only this could happen” to “I’m doing something to make a change – do you want to be part of this?”. Yes please.

Our focus is now is on spending , and we are gearing up for our Autumn films and events with the theme “Money: How Sound is Your Pound?”. We’re delighted that Positive Money and Bristol Pound will be coming to Southampton to share their ideas and help us on the journey. We’re also proud that there are Southampton projects and individuals who bring local expertise in this area, and we’ll tell you more about these at our events and via our Facebook page. If you are involved in a different approach to money or passionate about tackling inequality and poverty, we’d love to hear from you.

Here’s a blog from New Economics Foundation – 5 suggested policy areas put together as an inequality hit list. If you hear of other good articles to get us thinking, please share them with us. As a community network, we want to learn from those of you in the area who have a dangerous idea and have the passion for change.

Mini Fib 2 July







Sharing Picnic – Wed 2 July from 4.30pm in Palmerston Park.

We’re having our summer sharing picnic on Wednesday. We’ll be in Palmerston Park from 4.30pm and at 6pm FibonARTcci is inviting us all to get involved in a group spiral photograph. The picnic is very informal where anybody can bring along something to share. So far we are expecting an ideas tree, facepaints, crafts, park yoga, badminton and food to share. What can you bring along to contribute? Doesn’t have to be something that involves great skill or planning, just anything in the community spirit that will help us connect with each other. There isn’t a finish time for the picnic, so if you are coming later and want to know if we are still around you can call Rebecca on 07968 777261. See you there!

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Our plans, your thoughts

Here’s an update about our Dangerous Ideas in Southampton network, about creative social change and our plans to explore grassroots ways to achieve a more creative, more sustainable and fairer city.

A massive thank you for all those of you who came to our Food Chain Reaction event. Inspiring to hear about so many food projects in the city and great see so many connections being made between you all. Watch this space to see what’s next and keep involved via Transition Southampton.


On Wed 4 June we’ll be rummaging through ideas about waste. We’re holding “Wasted Opportunity?” at the Art House at 7.30pm. We’ll be exploring innovative ways to reduce and reuse our rubbish – so please come along with any top tips that you have. Do you have an item that has been upcycled or that turns something that we would normally throw away into something useful? Bring it along for us to see! Please tell us if you are coming by joining our Facebook event or sending me an email.


On Wed 2 July, we’ll be having a social picnic in the city from 4.30pm. This links with our love of the Sharing Economy. We’re asking Dangerous Friends to come and share something at that picnic – something creative, tasty, practical or fun. We know within the grassroots do-ers of Southampton, there’s loads of skills and enthusiasm. More details to follow, but please get in touch now if you have ideas for the picnic.


The summer is packed with fun and thought-provoking events across the City, and we are doing our best to share all these via our Facebook page (you don’t need to be joined to Facebook to be able to see our updates) and Twitter. A special mention for Ejector Seat Festival on Saturday 14th June, including plans for FibonARTcci creating the largest people portrait in the world. And on a less fun note, we are keen to encourage you to head to October Books in Portswood to help this independent cooperative through its sticky patch whilst it raises money for its new lease.


We’re putting together ideas for events exploring new approaches to Money as well as Celebrating Locally-Grown Community Renewal. Got a thought or idea you’d like to share? Please get in touch. This network is about giving people like you a platform to share your projects and thoughts via Dangerous Ideas Facebook, Twitter and our website blog, so let’s keep the conversation going.

Best wishes

Dangerous Ideas for creative social change in Southampton