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Previous events

We were involved with a workshop at the University of Southampton’s TEDx event on Sat 25 April “Right Here, Right Now”. It was a fascinating day with a series of Tedx talks on issues affecting our lives at the Nuffield theatre. More details are here:

We also welcomed Emily Reid from the University of Southampton to talk to us about the European Union, its purpose, power and rights. This event was held on 6 May at 7.30pm. More details here.

We  held a Change Making workshop for activists involved in social change for those involved in activism Thursday 12 March during the daytime. On Tuesday 17 March, we hosted a talk and discussion with Professor Nicky Marsh “Money, Meaning and Metaphors“.  This is part of a series of events in Southampton around International Women’s Day organised by CAKE.

On 25 March, when we found out about the History of Land and Housing Rights and Protest Folk Song and Story at Southampton Sport Centre’s The View bar. This was a thought-provoking and noisy night which will make us think about the role of music and storytelling in social change. 

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Do contact Rebecca about these events, or indeed anything else, rebecca[at] Tel 07968 777261