Co-operation, women and food justice

We had a great start to the year, with Kate and Paul Maple sharing some tips and experience on how to use film for community purposes. Thank you Kate and Paul. Thanks also to the Roundabout Cafe in Mansbridge, which was set up by the local housing association to provide a place for local people to meet and learn new skills.

We also spent the evening with Nathan Brown from Cooperantics on 23 February, learning about co-ops and how relevant they are to the future of our city. They come from a radical history and remain strong part of our local economy, employing hundreds of people, engage many volunteers too and are based on a principle of collective ownership. This event was timed to connect with the Solent Social Enterprise Zone’s festival week.

March sees the annual International Women’s Day and there are a number of events happening with a women’s theme across the city, plus we are planning a lunch too on Tues 8 March at the Art House. More details about all these events here.

On 16 March, we are pleased to be connecting with food projects across the city to explore food justice here in Southampton. More details here.




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