Deep breath, it’s December

November was a busy month as we put our (renewable) energies into talking about climate change and trying to crank up the discussion about Southampton’s response to global warming.

We held a successful event on 27 November in partnership with James Dyke from the University of Southampton, which started the conversation going and will lead to much more. We were grateful to Jenny Barnes for giving Dangerous Ideas Southampton (or Rebecca at least) a chance to speak at the climate demonstration in Guildhall Square on Sunday on behalf of our Dangerous Ideas network. There was also a Researchers’ Cafe on Friday 4 December at Mettricks Old Town which focused on energy and climate issues. Part 2 is being planned for Jan 2016.

Keep track of what has happened and the plans in the pipeline via the new collaborative website You can also email, join the Climate Change mailing list or keep track via our joint Facebook group.

We don’t have events planned for December, but we are keeping an eye on progress with the Council’s consultation around Public Space Protection Orders, which in the first instance are being proposed as a way of tackling street drinking and begging. These PSPOs are very controversial and we advise people to find out more about them, we are doing our own research and will share this with you at a later date. Bitterne Park Info has once again shown itself to be backing public interest and discussion in important issues and has written this article, which gives information about the pros and cons of the proposals.

We are looking forward to January, when we hope to have an evening with Global Documentary filmmaker Paul Maple. Watch this space, send us your email or subscribe to our Facebook events.


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