Future of Dangerous Ideas

The way Dangerous Ideas Southampton runs is changing. We had a well attended meeting on 10 October with lots of ideas and offers from people to get involved. Together, this collective group have been working to bring you events for International Women’s Day. So watch this space for the future too! If you want to get involved, please get in contact.


One thought on “Future of Dangerous Ideas

  1. Please pass this on the the scientists who can do something about it.

    I figured out how to stop abrupt climate change in regard to making the planet cool rapidly instead of heating up rapidly.
    I came to a realisation that earths magnetosphere is decreasing because of the increase of machine’s being made every year, the use of electric grids, high magnetic’s used it hospitals and machines like the hydron collider! Every single thing we humans make with a magnetic field will disrupt earths own magnetic field. If only by I little amount, but they all add up, and are on the increase. The more machines that have been made over the past 30 years, the weaker the earths field has got. So to stop the atmosphere heating up, we have to decrease the amount of magnetic’s and electricity we use. Once this is done, The earths magnetosphere will recover, decreasing the amount of solar radiation reaching the atmosphere.

    Mark Slater

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