Welcome to our website. We have been growing fast since we started in 2014. Watch this space for more details or ask to be added to our email list by contacting rebecca[at]


International Women’s Day events on Sat 9 Feb 2019 10.30am-12.30pm at Old October Books and Fri 8 March in Woolston. Details here.


Going Against The Grain, Fri 7 December, 7.30pm at October Books in Porstwood High Street.

A night to celebrate what has happened at October Books this year as well as stories in our own lives and around us in the city that are going against the grain of the ‘logic’ of our times.

Come and be inspired and raise a toast to change, and celebrate together actions both large and small be it shopping choices, community life, ways of moving round city, you name it!

For International Women’s Day 2018 we put together a list of all the events and activities we’ve heard about across Southampton during March. We also hosted our own free event called Sisters Act! on Thurs 8 March 2018 7pm at Solent Showcase Gallery.

The Future of Dangerous Ideas was held on Tues 10 October 2018 at 7.30pm at The Art House, Southampton. This workshop was aimed at people who want to steer the direction or support the future of Dangerous Ideas. The outcome was a group of people who want to be involved in future events.

On 14 September 7.30pm, we held Dangerous Ideas, a night of reflection and celebration of our activity over the last three years. Venue: BySea Coffee Lounge, 468-480 Portswood Rd, Southampton SO17 3SP.

We were part of the team involved with the Umbrella Arts Festival on Sat 10 June 11am-5pm. This was a free festival and is happening in Palmerston Park in the centre of the city. We jointly hosted the Talky Tent with Artful Scribe.

On Wed 8 March 2017, we marked International Women’s Day with a lunch and a workshop led by artist Deborah Ireland. We also got involved with promoting other events in the city to mark International Women’s Day.

Creative Places – on Tues 10 Jan 2017 at 10am we were at The Art House talking about the role of independent businesses and other venues in strengthening creativity in the city.

10 Nov 2016 at 108 East Street’s Southampton Pride of Place Project. Public Art – an evening celebrating art outside in the public realm and discussing its future in Southampton.

21 Sept 2016  at Gods House Tower. The Empires New Clothes, a night to explore the fashion industry including a screening of the film The True Cost and a clothes swap.  This free event was run in collaboration with Southampton Clothes Swap, Dangerous Ideas Southampton and the Artists at GHT – A Reincarnation.

14 July 2016 Common Ground: A sharing picnic on Southampton Common celebrating the collaboration that happens in Southampton.

Tues 24 May 2016 7.30pm at The Art House Cafe, Above Bar Street, The UK Gold: a film by Mark Donne about tax injustice. For more information click here.

Thurs 9 June 2016 7.00pm at The Stage Door, 78 West Marlands Road, Southampton In Conversation: a Culture City Fringe event.  Tickets here. An evening to share perspectives on Southampton as a place for culture, including interviews with race & diversity pioneer Don John and collaborative artist Sarah Filmer.

You can see more blogs about other actions we’ve been taking by CLICKING HERE

Wed 16 Mar 7.30pm at the Juniper Berry, Castle Square, Bugle Street, Southampton. Food Justice: What’s the story in Southampton? An event organised alongside community organisations including Southampton City Mission, Fareshare, Curb Kitchen and others keen to talk about food and its role in humanity.

Tues 8 Mar lunchtime get together to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Tues 23 Feb 7.30pm at The Art House Cafe. Own the future: Are coops still relevant? The cooperative movement, its roots in radical politics and role in 21st Century Southampton. A talk and discussion with Nathan Brown from Cooperantics

Fri 22 January 6.30pm Researchers’ Cafe at Mettricks Old Town as part of the Climate Conversations series, run by University of Southampton.

Tues 26 Jan 7.30pm at The Roundabout Cafe, Mansbridge. An evening with Paul and Kate Maple: Film, web and community action. How can community activists and projects use websites and filmmaking to share their messages and reach out to wider audiences?

Fri 27 November 6pm Southampton Climate Conversations at The University of Southampton. An evening of talks and discussion for the whole community More details here.

Fri 13 November 7.30pm: The Wisdom to Survive climate change film night at The Art House, Southampton

Tues 6 October 7.30pm: What sort of city should Southampton be? A discussion to held lead into the issues and options report of Southampton City Council’s new Local Plan. More details here.

Wed 9 September 7.30pm: Seeking Creative Talent! A talk and discussion with Brian J Hracs from University of Southampton

Wed 10 June 7pm: Mapping Real Treasure at The Art House. This is our next big meet-up where we will talk about how maps can lead to social change and hear examples from within our own community. More details here.

LiberTea @ Southampton’ Speakers Corner on Sunday 14 June at 3pm in Hoglands Park opposite Debenhams

It is the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, so we are having an afternoon sharing picnic as part of the national LiberTea events. This is a very informal event where we can gather together, share food, celebrate, debate and reflect upon our freedom and rights. Attendees are encouraged to bring food to share, plus perhaps a poem or a football, a craft activity or an idea to talk about. This is not organised as such – it will be a mish mash of whatever people choose to contribute on the day. Everybody welcome – just turn up. This will be a family friendly event.

Other events that may interest you are shared via Facebook and Twitter, including October Books’ walk and talk with architectural critic Owen Hatherley on 6 June at 5.45pm, and a series of events over the weekend of 13/14 June including the screening of Bikes vs Cars at The Art House (Friday 12th), and the Ethical Film Club’s screening of Bag It in Brockenhurst (Saturday 13th).

Wed 17 June: Mass climate change lobby in Westminster We’ve been working with Transition Southampton holding ‘Climate Cafe Conversations’ as part of the Speak Up for the Love of… campaign. We are collecting feedback from people about climate change issues, which we can then take to Southampton MPs as part of the 17 June mass lobby in Westminster. We are also hoping to have other climate conversations at other community events and encourage others to do so too. You can join this conversation online through this Facebook event page. Or email us your thoughts and we’ll add them to our  collaborative book.

Tues 26 May 6-8pm: Social Socialiser at The Art House. This was an informal chance for changemakers and creatives to come together, and was organised by Jani and Bik from the Art House in conjunction with Rebecca from Dangerous Ideas. Watch out for details of the next Social Socialiser!

Thurs 21 May 8pm: We Are Many film screening including live Q&A by satellite. This film about the biggest global protest in history, the 2003 protest to try to stop the Iraq War, is being screened in cinemas across the country from 21 May, including at Southampton’s Odeon cinema. Tickets are £12.50 and you will need to book your ticket through the Odeon. We thought it would be good to get a group together, and we’ve set up a Facebook event page for this purpose.

Mon 25 May 12-6pmEnvironmental Rock at the Hobbit pub. We’ll be there with Transition Southampton holding ‘Climate Cafe Conversations’ as part of the Speak Up for the Love of… campaign. We will collect feedback from people about climate change issues, which we can then take to Southampton MPs as part of the 17 June mass lobby in Westminster. We are also hoping to have other climate conversations at other community events and encourage others to do so too. You can join this conversation online through this Facebook event page.

We ran a workshop at the University of Southampton’s TEDx event on Sat 25 April “Right Here, Right Now” as a breakout session for this series of Tedx talks on issues affecting our lives. You will need to book a ticket to attend via the Nuffield theatre.

More details are here:

We welcomed Emily Reid from the University of Southampton to talk to us about the European Union, its purpose, power and rights on 6 May at 7.30pm at The Third Age Centre.

On Friday 13 February, we were at The Art House, Above Bar at 7.30pm screening the film Local Food Roots and some other shorts about growing.

We held a Workshop for Activists involved in Social Change for those involved in activism Thursday 12 March during the daytime. On Tuesday 17 March, we held a talk and discussion with Professor Nicky Marsh “Money, Meaning and Metaphors“.  This was part of a series of events in Southampton around International Women’s Day organised by CAKE.

We welcomed the performance by Three Acres and a Cow, a History of Land Rights and Protest Folk Song on Wed 25 March, 7.30pm.

HOPE St was a family friendly celebration of  Southampton this Sat 10 Jan, 1-3pm at The Hub (City College) .hope-street-the-hub-leaflet and you can find out more via the Facebook event page.

HOPE Street was as an opportunity to highlight the many, and varied, positive aspects to living in Southampton.  Artists, musicians, dancers, voluntary sector organisation and community groups and heaps of things  happened on the day.

Dangerous Ideas was there with our ‘places we value’ map of the city. We created a HOPE St collage where people of all ages added their own ideas and creativity to this communal project.

On Wed 17 December at 7.30pm, we screened Under Plywood, a variation on Under Milkwood by Dylan Thomas. It was created by the School of Architecture at Cardiff University. A glorious tale of regeneration, Welsh idols and the bureaucratic nonsense of constructing an arts centre.

On Wed 10 December we celebrated the Creative City at Gods House Tower at 7.30pm. We wanted to explore the creative gems in the city, look at how creativity is bringing about social change and celebrate the energy that comes from connecting with each other. We also shared a winter picnic. More information about this event is here.

On Tues 11 November we were at The Butchers Hook in Bitterne Park Triangle at 7.30pm. This was a very informal gathering  to chat together about this, our first year of Dangerous Ideas, and your thoughts for next year. How is it best to progress Dangerous Ideas without duplicating what others are doing? What can we do to support the people who are taking ideas and turning them into action? Would love to hear your thoughts by email as well as on the night. The event is mostly for people who have already got engaged with Dangerous Ideas in one way or another.

Do contact Rebecca about these events, or indeed anything else, rebecca[at] Tel 07968 777261

Ideas into Action

Dangerous Ideas in Southampton is all about getting people together to talk about a better future – looking at ways of becoming fairer, more sustainable and enjoying a vibrant city. Our events began earlier in 2014 and now we are hearing of more and more actions that are being taken forward by community-minded individuals and groups. We’ve created a new webpage dedicated to Ideas into Action to tell you about these. We also share events and activities organised by others that we think Dangerous Ideas people will be interested in via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Money talks

We gathered together last week on 1 October and we talked about how money can work in the interests of communities. Lots of exciting conservations followed along the lines of “yes let’s set up a Southampton Pound”, “we need to do something about the big banks” and ” let’s keep this momentum going”.  A huge thank you to our hosts Solent Showcase Gallery and all the participants including Bernard Carre (our chair) Frank from Positive Money and Graham from Bristol Pound. It was good to hear from local financial initiatives including Dominic Williams from Frontline Debt Advice, John Merritt from Solent Credit Union,  Alex Templeton involved in the future Hampshire Community Bank, Bernard Carre who is part of the Tax Justice Network, local economics bloggerJoe Hudson, shared economy guru Cara Sandys and Local Exchange Trading Systems enthusiast Angela Cotton. Money pic

So watch this space of news of gatherings and forums to progress these ideas. You can keep updated on a wealth of news all about new approaches to money and other dangerous ideas via our Facebook page and a group dedicated to Positive Pounds has also been set up to keep that conversation flowing. And you can send you email address to rebecca [at] and you’ll then receive regular (but not too frequent) updates on what Dangerous Ideas is up to and how you can be part of it.


Ethical money

We’ve set the scene for our event asking How Sound is Your Pound? by holding a couple of films. So come along to Solent Showcase Gallery at 6.30pm on Wednesday 1 October. We’re delighted that Positive Money and Bristol Pound will be sharing their thoughts for a better approach to money, plus a whole host of Southampton-based people and organisations that are doing some interesting work in the city around financial equality and a different approach to money. Do come, and let us know your plans to attend so we have enough drinks for you!


Let’s talk about the money

Through our events, you have told us that you want to see a more local approach to money. Where the pounds that we spend are kept within the city and not leaking out to tax havens, where money is used to reduce inequalities and provide more opportunities for all. And importantly, you don’t want to spend for the sake of spending, or create mountains of waste in the process.

Our response? A season about Money starting on 3rd September. When we say season, we mean two film screenings and a bigger event on 1 October where we can be inspired by others and learn from each other. So CLICK HERE for more information about our money events.

And we’ve also got Social Saturday coming up on 13 September. If you believe that spending should be directed at those businesses whose profits are reinvested back into communities, find out more via Social Enterprise UK’s Social Saturday website or come along to our Facebook event page where we can all share info about our favourite Southampton social enterprises.



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