Let’s talk about money

Through our events, you have told us that you want to see a more local approach to money. Where the pounds that we spend are kept within the city and not leaking out to tax havens, where money is used to reduce inequalities and provide more opportunities for all. And importantly, you don’t want to spend for the sake of spending, or create mountains of waste in the process.


Our response? A season about Money starting on 3rd September. When we say season, we mean two film screenings and a bigger event on 1 October where we can be inspired by others and learn from each other. So CLICK HERE for more information about our money events.

And we’ve also got Social Saturday coming up on 13 September. If you believe that spending should be directed at those businesses whose profits are reinvested back into communities, find out more through Social Enterprise UK’s Social Saturday website or come along to our Facebook event page where we can all share info about our favourite Southampton social enterprises.



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