Money talks

We gathered together on 1 October and we talked about how money can work in the interests of communities. Lots of exciting conservations followed along the lines of “yes let’s set up a Southampton Pound”, “we need to do something about the big banks” and ” let’s keep this momentum going”.  A huge thank you to our hosts Solent Showcase Gallery and all the participants including Bernard Carre (our chair) Frank from Positive Money and Graham from Bristol Pound. It was good to hear from local financial initiatives including Dominic Williams from Frontline Debt Advice, John Merritt from Solent Credit Union,  Alex Templeton involved in the future Hampshire Community Bank, Bernard Carre who is part of the Tax Justice Network, local economics bloggerJoe Hudson, shared economy guru Cara Sandys and Local Exchange Trading Systems enthusiast Angela Cotton. Money pic

Since that event, a group of local people are exploring the potential for the Southampton are to have its own currency – called SoCoin. If you want to be part of the group that is developing this currency idea, you can join the group email list by subscribing here.  You can keep updated on a wealth of news all about new approaches to money and other dangerous ideas via our Facebook page and a group dedicated to Positive Pounds has also been set up to keep that conversation flowing. And you can send you email address to rebecca [at] and you’ll then receive regular (but not too frequent) updates on what Dangerous Ideas is up to and how you can be part of it.




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