Sharing Picnic – Wed 2 July from 4.30pm in Palmerston Park.

We’re having our summer sharing picnic on Wednesday. We’ll be in Palmerston Park from 4.30pm and at 6pm FibonARTcci is inviting us all to get involved in a group spiral photograph. The picnic is very informal where anybody can bring along something to share. So far we are expecting an ideas tree, facepaints, crafts, park yoga, badminton and food to share. What can you bring along to contribute? Doesn’t have to be something that involves great skill or planning, just anything in the community spirit that will help us connect with each other. There isn’t a finish time for the picnic, so if you are coming later and want to know if we are still around you can call Rebecca on 07968 777261. See you there!

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